Far-right supporter tremendous effort to tear up a protester’s sign and embarrassed spectacularly

Everybody experiences some embarrassing moments in his or her life. Likewise that we have also experienced this sort of embarrassed incidents in my life. They are easy to recall, and most of the time these make us laugh.

Eventually, a member of the American alt-right who manages to embarrassed himself at a May Day rally in Seattle royally.

The man is identified as Luke James Mahler, is seen wearing a ‘Patriot Prayer’ t-shirt while desperately trying to destroy an anti-fascist sign.

Source: indy100

But that didn’t stop, and he tries to make even the smallest dent in the sign, only for it to spectacularly backfire.

Here is embarrassedĀ Luke trying to tear a poster:

At least he gave it an excellent go. He can’t say that he didn’t have any support from the onlookers.

At the time of writing, the video shared more than 26,000 times, and it caught the attention of Mr Mahler, who addressed the video on Facebook and tried to play down the embarrassment.

Here are some Twitter reactions:

As an ideology, fascism is hard to analyse given the following factors. First of all, it is a conglomerate of negative characteristics, anti-liberalism, anti-democratic, anti-capitalist, anti-bourghois, anti-communist, and it is hard to establish what it stands for and what it condemns. Secondly, it is an eclectic ideology, a vision of the world, as Hitler considered it, much like a religious vision which asks for blind belief, obedience and leaves no space for criticism and debate.


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