Video: Savage Rats Bring Down 3-Storey Building Into Rubble

The population of rats in many areas has exploded so much in recent years that the rodents have been burrowing under houses, damaging sewage and pipelines and other infrastructure.

In a three-storey building in Agra, thousands of rats which have been burrowing underground for years. The bizarre incident took place on Sunday morning near Mankameshwar temple, an area which has ancient grocery traders’ establishments.

On Saturday evening, there were massive rains in that area and water entered the underground burrows, and the owner of the house vacated it along with his family and was in fear that the building would collapse and hours later, the building collapsed.

Source: Times of India

Rats have damaged peepal Mandi and several other nearby localities. Streets and sewer pipelines have also been destroyed. Their councillor Ravi Mathur said, “The foundation of the house had been completely hollowed out. Sudhir Kumar Verma, the owner of the house, was living here with eight other family members.

The owner of the house Mr Verma said that this is their ancestral house was destroyed in seconds. His family had a narrow escape. They also tried everything possible to get rid of the rats, and stop the damage to the foundations, but nothing worked to get rid of it. After the recent rains and high-speed winds, the walls developed cracks. We knew it was a dangerous situation, but not that the building would collapse like this.”

Here is the shocking video of the building getting collapsed:

Although the house that collapsed was old, it is true that several localities in the old city area have a major rodent problem and foundations of houses have been damaged. Crores of rupees of development work in the last few years have been wasted. I will meet with councillors and officials to work out a problem.

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