Mum Finds Mysterious ‘Cursed Root’ On Front Doorstep, Later A Terrible Event Occur

A woman returned home to find a mysterious ‘cursed root’ lying outside her front door.

Eventually, Keply shared a curious photograph of the artefact, which is not evident in particular,

She tweeted the story, and Twitterati gets curious what it is.

Here is the picture of the Mysterious cursed root shared on Twitter:

It was the length of my forearm and shaped like a turkey leg. It looks a little like a wonky pear or half a dirty parsnip.

She is sharing her story on Twitter, and she took enough to get a bright idea of it. She was not sure whether it is a vegetable or a mineral or an animal.

She put in a freezer bag and threw it back of her car. She asked everyone she knew, and they were also unsure of what it is.

By the end of the day, she noticed that the root was emitting water as it was full of heat and moisture.

After leaving from work, she threw the bag again to the back seat, apparently and as days passed by, she forgot about it.

while she was driving her kids to the library. His son screams that there is a worm in the back seat, but keply rejected it. Then her daughter checked the rear and shouting started.

The thing was swollen up, and hundreds of worms started to come out of the bag, and it was all over the back seat.

She shared a picture of a dead worm in her back seat.

Then they called up her husband, and he vacuumed all the worms and took it for a car wash.

Twitterati came up with an answer that they are a common tropical house plant and sort of match that shape, not sure about the texture because Google couldn’t show me any close-ups of that type of bark.


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