19 Year Old Fake Doctor Poses For 5 Months In AIIMS

This nickname for people peddling fake cures and pretending to have medical skills they don’t possess has been around since at least the early 17th century. Here is an incident of a boy with a fake identity and posed as a doctor for five months in AIIMS.

Adnan Khurram, a 19-year-old boy was found masquerading as a doctor on AIIMS for almost five months, and he has made contacts among doctors across departments as well as medical students, and even used his fake doctor’s accreditation to attend various medical and political events.

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He was well versed in medicine, the names of doctors and department heads at AIIMS helped him pass off as a doctor in front of ‘co-workers’.

Khurram, he lives in a resident of Bihar, was active on social media, posting pictures at various medical and even political events, wearing a lab coat to pass off as a doctor. His reasons for impersonating a doctor for almost five months remains unclear.

Here is the Image of the boy posing as a doctor:

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The incident came to light when the AIIMS doctors raised concerns over an alleged impostor.The authorities concerned at AIIMS, then, posted a photo of the impostor online, following which Delhi Police arrested the fake doctor.

A doctor who saw Khurram said “He would roam around wearing the lab coat and stethoscope all the time. We found out that he had made different claims to different doctors. To some, he would claim that he was a junior resident doctor while to junior resident doctors, he would introduce himself as an undergraduate medical student. He had even made his way to the WhatsApp groups.”

Here are some pictures of Khurram with some famous leaders:

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Here are some Twitter reaction to the Fake Doctor:

Khurram was arrested on Saturday after he participated in a marathon organised by the doctors, where a few senior doctors questioned him about his identity. Since he failed to come up with a satisfactory answer, the group of doctors overpowered him, and then handed him over to the police, HT reported. The police said that Khurram, a native of Bihar,  had no previous criminal record. He had been living in Batla House, near Jamia Nagar in New Delhi.

Police are still not clear why he has posed as a doctor as he has frequently been changing statements, one of the reasons given by the Khurram is that he had to help an ailing family member get preferential treatment.

A medical error is a preventable adverse effect of care, whether or not it is evident or harmful to the patient. It might lead to an inaccurate or incomplete diagnosis or treatment of a disease.






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