PM Narendra Modi inspired a man with his Pakoda Speech

We have heard many inspirational talks from many inspiring personalities. Such an inspirational speech has made a person start his new business and made it successful.

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Narayanbhai Rajput, from Vadadora runs pakoda stalls encouraged by hearing the speech of the prime minister Narendra Modi. He had completed his postgraduate in Hindi literature. When Modi spoke about unemployment, he told selling pakodas is way better than staying unemployed.


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This man took the message seriously and started his own “Shriram Dhalwada Centre”. He proudly says he started this job with just 10 kg material and now he is selling around 500-600 kg of materials. The shop has 35 branches over the city.

Narayanabhai Rajput is a member of Congress party which is the opposition to Narendra Modi’s party. Narayan says he is not making things on politics. He has just developed the hint given by the prime minister of India.

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Now that has been a profitable business to him. He estimates that he sells 300kg of pakodas in 4 hours and he sells 100g of pakodas for 10rs. Selling under 35 branches would lead to a monthly income in Lakhs. It is a surprise to every Indian that a hint from the prime minister had developed a booming story.

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He also says a reason behind his shop’s name. He believes if a stone can swim in the name of Lord Ram and leaders like Amit Shah and Narendra Modi can rule, then his shop can also run successfully in the name of Lord Ram.

And of course, his shop is the talk of the town.

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