The Chronicle Of Lamborghini With Bitcoin And The Crypto-World

 Lamborghini, one of the most expensive sports car around the globe has become the ultimatum for all the people concerned in the crypto-space. The car has become so famous that people have started to value Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies according to its price.
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The Rise Of Lambo And Cryptos

According to the official media page of Lamborghini, the company has seen seven years of constant growth. The Italian manufacturer has seen an increase of almost 10% worldwide in 2017. The sale of the cars has tripled since the fame of Bitcoin in the crypto market.
Overall the term ‘Lambo’ is utilised on an everyday basis. Charlie Lee, Founder of Litecoin, used the term frequently as well to keep the crypto-enthusiasts motivated. He is noted for using terms like ‘Lambo-lite’.

Charlie lee
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Lamborghini became famous in the crypto-market ever since Costa Mesa store started accepting Bitcoins as payments in September 2017. This had made a lot of crypto-influencers to start buying Lambo with BTC.

Here is what a bunch of crypto investors say about BTC

Mike Laurent, a crypto-evangelist says,

I’m going to have so many Lambo’s soon that I will be in history known for having a lot of Lambo’s. Bitcoin is going to be in history for a lot of reasons and Lambo is going to be one among them.

Alex Richardson, a crypto-investor says,

This has become so common in the space. People don’t seem to ever get over it. They fail to understand that cryptocurrency is not just about Lambo or the moon, it’s about revolution, about being a part of something huge.

The coin has become a standard slang in the crypto-space just like HODL, FUD, FOMO and more. The trend ‘whats your Lambo’ went viral and had been taken the space by storm ever since.
Up until yesterday, even CoinMarketCap started to value the prices in terms of how many Lamborgini’s can be brought with the cryptocurrency.

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