Autism Kid Plays “Star Spangled Banner” Which Blew The Audience Away

Kids with disorders are always not recognised by the public to showcase their talents, This makes the Ironwood High School senior’s performance so remarkable along with the reason his teacher posted the clip online is actually that autism kid along with this kind of was the 1st time he played “Star Spangled Banner” his guitar publicly.

Star Spangled Banner

Ridge is affected by autism, and he always had a keen interest in playing the guitar, so his father Glen Brown, said that his son has been playing for four years along with. This took him about six weeks to learn the “Star Spangled Banner.”

Ridge strode to the centre of his school gym for a pep rally. He stood tentatively for his cue, along with started off playing.

Here is a video of Ridge playing “Star Spangled Banner”:

This is my student Ridge playing the national anthem at our pep assembly today! He is amazing! Ridge is a young man with autism and this was his first public performance. Please share and help him go viral!

Posted by Sean Hegarty on Friday, April 6, 2018


Sean Hegarty, the special education teacher at the school, captured the performance on camera and posted it online.
Ridge spoke in an interview “It helps me express every emotion I have inside my entire brain,”
Sean posted the performance on social media and captioned that the kid had autism and wanted the social media viewers to make it viral.
Glen wanted his son ridge to be a role model for other kids who are suffering from autism and hope their parents fulfil their dreams of their children.
Here are some comments about the flawless performance:
He said Ridge was excited to see the response and attention the video has received and wanted to thank everyone for watching the video.
From this video, we come to know that autism kids can also be equally competitive to normal kids and they should also be treated equally in our society.


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