McAfee Antivirus Software Founder charges $105k per Tweet

He’s worth it!

Famous computer programmer and founder of the Eponymous antivirus software has changed his track towards digital currency over recent years. John McAfee disclosed that he charges $105k for a single tweet. Within the cryptocurrency industry, nothing can match the importance of McAfee’s tweet.

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The Official page proof of Antivirus founder- that he charges $105k:

According to the data provided in the official McAfee site, a survey carried out by antivirus software founder reveals that more than 300k of his followers on Twitter has more than 50 percent of their total wealth on cryptocurrencies and remaining followers represent at a minimum of $4billion in cryptocurrency investments.

McAfee’s feed is engaged with comments about exchanges, media servers, and other websites that have been brought down by a massive volume of users sent to the site for his single tweet. The number of followers is increasing daily and he has become something of a prophet on the topic referring himself as a crypto-visionary. Furthur he has even promised that “he will eat his d*ck if Bitcoin doesn’t reach $1mn by 2020.”

Here are the Tweets:

1. McAfee on Bitcoin Prediction:

2. Here he speaks about TRON:

McAfee’s web offers an easy calculation of dividing the cost per tweet, $105k by his 810k Twitter followers to assure potential clients that the cost per investor reached is no more than claiming numbers. Furthur he allegedly promoted only the products and services that he truly believes.

Furthur, $105k for a single post is too much and also for good moving coin why they need big promotions. What do you think?

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