Lost Dog Finally Found In A Massive Rescue Operation Which Will Blow Your Mind

A dog displays a lot of human qualities like strong personalities, emotions, preferences, etc. While pets are little-domesticated animals for those who do not possess them, they are family. Benny, the beagle, could talk he would have a great story to tell, it could even make a great

The story started when Benny was out with a dog-walker who gave him the slip and said he turned around and saw him, and the next minute Benny wasn’t there and to find benny we started a pretty massive search for him.

Benny had no idea hundreds of strangers were scouring the bush for him.

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Even a helicopter with thermal imaging technology was sent out to search for the beloved pooch, who was lost in reserve for nine days, enduring freezing and stormy conditions as a cold snap hit the country.

Matt estimates that over 1000 people joined the search for Benny over the nine days he was missing, Matt and partner Grace Newman-Hall “so humbled and so grateful” who joined the task to find Benny.

The dog-walkers insurance paid for the helicopter, which flew over the search area through brutal weather trying to capture a heat signal for the dog, with no luck.

The owners set up a social media page to keep people informed on how the search was going.

There were 70 to 100 people out looking for him on Sunday so Matt and her partner were feeling very confident that someone would find him, and it was only half an hour after they got home and received a call and received the happy news that Benny got found finally.

Here is a picture of Benny with their owners:

His rescuers had to scale a waterfall and rock wall to follow a stream. They found Benny attached to a log by his lead. In fading light, they sent out a message that they might struggle to get down.

Despite only being a few hundred metres from where he went missing, he somehow escaped the attention of 1000 searchers and a helicopter with specialist thermal imaging gear.

The social media page on Facebook which had the update about Benny. Here is the post about it.

Benny was taken to the emergency vet, who said he had lost weight but was otherwise in good shape.

Matt Newman-Hall said Benny was in surprisingly good shape. A timid dog, he did not even bark when rescuers eventually found him cold and hungry.

Here is a Video of dog Benny with his pet cat:

Pets are not a cure and not a substitute. They are a recommendation for happiness, fun, friendship, love, activity and better health.




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