9 Countries with most Unusual Capital City in the world

1. Napyidaw

The Unusual capital city of Myanmar is built by the government. The government of Myanmar decided to build this capital in 2000s. This city is larger than that of London but there are only few people living here. It is built at a cost of $5 billion dollars. It has many beautiful places like Golden Monuments, perfect gardens and well structured parliament.

source: gothailandgoasean.tourismthailand.org

2. Chisinau

The capital city of Moldova, Eastern Europe. The richest and economically prosperous city in Moldova. It has the largest transportation hub and highest population in the entire Moldova. It has many historical sites, museums, memorials and churches.

source: nl.depositphotos.com

3. Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

The capital of Sri Lanka has the more letters in its name. Also it is known for its history. The city is so ancient and have many ancient places to visit. In the ancient days a Rampart and Moat protected this city from military, their traces can be seen till now.

source: wikiwand.com

4. Uraguay

The capital of Montevideo has the half the population of its country. It has the awesome tourist spots in the world. Montevideo does not need any gimmicks to draw people in; it is simply waiting to be discovered.

source: www.nationalgeographic.com

5. Ngerulmud

The capital city of Palau, the island nation of Pacific Ocean. It is the smallest capital in the whole world. Only 391 people are living there that is they could all fit in 8 buses.

source: www.aftenbladet.no

6. Beijing

The capital of China, it is one of the oldest capital in the world. It is the home to the seven UNESCO World heritages. It is the number one China gateway city because it has the world’s second busiest airport.

source: www.internations.org

7. Madrid

It is the capital of Spain and has the largest municipality in the whole Spain.The world’s third largest city in European Union. The most powerful city in the world and the most attracting place.

source: madrid.bigdataweek.com

8. Berlin

The capital city of Germany consists of population of 3.5 million people. It merged as the seventh most populous urban area in the European Union. Also, referred as the world city of culture, media and politics.

source: www.viator.com

9. Astana

Modern Astana is a planned city, the capital of Kazakhstan. The Japanese architecture designed the master plan of Astana was. It has so many cultures with colours and monuments. It is the most Northern capital in Asia and the youngest capital in the world.

source: ankasam.org



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