TRON And EOS Technical Price Analysis Today

EOS, technical price analysis, will prove their assertions today with their main net launch. We anticipate bullish pressure but should they collapse below $10 then it’s time to sell from Sunday onwards.

technical price analysis
Source: Coinmarketcap

EOS technical price analysis:

It’s a day to EOS main net launch, and while we want to see concrete preparations like announcements of official wallets and things like those, Block One is busy moving ETH. Reliable data shows that within 24 hours before an important event, EOS did move about 200,000 ETH to a BitFinex account via their OTC desk.

technical price analysis
Source: Cryptocompare

Today shall be D-Day for EOS and whether prices shall mirror TRX’s we don’t know. Let’s wait and see.


The marketing goes on, and all that we need is a CTA, right? Okay, The Tron Foundation did blast their Mainnet Launch ad for everyone to see at NASDAQ. There is a distinction here. All they did was a campaign and not a listing at the NASDAQ exchange. So, it’s not a partnership as some people assume.

Technical price analysis

For now though, if Tron has solid plans of usurping Ethereum, then you realise that there is a chance that there is some under-valuation. Anyway, like Ethereum was back in the day, let’s see if Tron shall behave once the TestNet is over.

On the charts, there is a break below 5.5 cents meaning we shall sell today. It seems like bears are following the rhythm set by May 28 sell bar and all we have to do is short on every overvaluation and aims for 5 cents and later 4 cents. Overall it is a downtrend for TRON today.

Let’s wait and see for better results stay updated.

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