Hella Lotta Suprises At The Blockchain Week For Crypto Fans In New York

Loads of crypto enthusiasts are expected to storm New York city for the upcoming Blockchain week event. The event is named after the decentralised ledger technology that backs cryptocurrency and has a clear clarification provider to everything ranging from worthless financial transactions to global poverty.

The event provides a move to bring more blockchain-related jobs to the global financial capital.

Nothing less than 8,000 people are expected to troop into a Midtown Manhattan hotel for Consensus, the largest of all events and conferences to take between 10th May and 19th May.

During the three days blockchain bonanza, which starts the ball rolling on Monday, participants would watch a debate between young experts in technology and old world financiers on the future of cryptocurrency payments, as well as see firms propose their plans to anyone who will listen.

Suprise Packages Added To The Event

  1. Famous Rapper Snoop Dogg is set to host an after-party at a secret location.

2. Twitter’s CEO, St. Louis Fed president and other techno enthusiasts will be there to talk about¬† Blockchain and other technologies.


The consensus is likely to pull twice the attendees it drew last year when 1 BTC would have cost you about $2,500. Thomas Lee of Fundstrat Global Advisors, last week, predicted that the conference could cause Bitcoin to rally. At the event, some senators of the U.S SEC and the CFTC would also be speaking.

The Blockchain Week is initiated in partnership with the NYC Economic Development Corporation in a bid to showcase New York as a promising centre for blockchain startups. The Blockchain Week will feature a job fair on 16th May.

Nevertheless, some blockchain fans may opt out of the conference because they may not be able to afford the cost. Presently, Tickets range between $1,499 to $2,999.

Vitalik Buterin has tweeted last month as shown in our previous post saying that he will boycott the event because of the hefty prices.

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