Finally Something To Redeem About Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Every Crypto enthusiasts know that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was a hard forked concept from Bitcoin.  Bitcoin Cash has always been to some criticism and had never made any significant mark in the crypto world such as the big shot BTC.

Recently Bitcoin Cash has been hard forked, and its users had been waiting long for some critical update. To bloom its users, BCH did roll out some updates which eventually increased its block size from 8MB to 32MB.

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The new upgrade is covering the way for future approval as well as new functionality is an add on. There has been a consensus that the reactivation of formally disabled op_codes is compelling to developers and could bring value to the BCH market.

Although this has not been the case, at least as of right now. BCH has diminished in value since after the hard fork and seems to be mirroring Bitcoin trends right now.

Here is what BCH twitter had to tell their followers

Although outspoken BCH advocate Roger Ver did not directly discuss the upgrade today, he did a post on Twitter about his belief that BCH above all Bitcoin forks follow Satoshi’s vision:

BCH, which is a hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain from August 2017, promotes itself as the original Bitcoin (BTC) and superior to BTC due to its cheaper transaction fees. However, at the end of February this year, BTC’s transaction fees were less expensive than those of BCH.

BCH’s large block size is another feature that sets it apart from BTC. This is due to Satoshi Nakamoto’s attempt to avoid dividing the blockchain in the case of some miners produced big blocks that other miners couldn’t accept.

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