Good News For TRON Followers- A New Excitement Is On The Way!

TRON has to do much to recover from a significant lapse which began last week. The previous two days were hopeful for TRX after recording gains of over 10%. However, the asset trimmed those gains recently. The digital asset which was trading at around USD 0.09, as at a week ago is currently trading at $0.06.

good news for tron followers
Source: CoinStaker

As a result of the lapse, TRON had lost over $1 billion of its market cap but remains in the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies by market cap with $4.3 billion (USD).

Good news for TRON followers:

In 16 days, TRON would be ready for the much anticipated MainNet launch. TRON would also be launching the TRON Virtual Machine 1.0 (TronVM) on 25th of May, and the super representative elections which would see TRON become jointly governed by TRON Foundation and good news for TRON followers would conduct.

It is no longer news that TRON would be leaving its current Ethereum blockchain to its independent MainNet at the end of this month.

As the TRON community await the MainNet Launch, CEO of TRON, Justin Sun has announced another major project to prepare the asset for her upcoming MainNet Launch.

TRON has indeed laid down a planned schedule which could guarantee success. As the MainNet approaches a lot of excitement is building, and according to TokenInsight is ranked first regarding code submissions in the last seven days.

TRON’s future:

The trends of TRON (TRX) in the market may not have been remarkable over the last couple of months. However, the asset has laid down some carefully planned projects which have sparked a new wave of optimism about the digital asset. If all goes as planned, the digital asset may be on its way to the moon.

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