Alireza street sleeper achieved as a goal keeper by defending CR7

Alizera Safar Beirenvand is an Iranian footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Iran national football team at the 2015 AFC Asian Cup and 2018 FIFA World Cup.


Alireza lived a nomadic lifestyle at his teenage. He ran away from his home as his father opposed him to become a footballer. He bought some money from his relatives and travelled to Tehran by bus where he met a football coach who managed a local team.

The coach asked Alireza for money of about 30 European dollars to train him, and he didn’t have money as he was homeless. He used to sleep at his training club door near the street, one-day people offered him coins thinking he was a beggar. By which the next day he had a delicious meal after a long time. After all his struggles he was a given a chance to join Feiz’s team.


Later he started working in various jobs. He worked in a dressmaking factory, washed cars, served in pizza shop finally he even worked as a street cleaner. Then he joined under the Naft-e-Tehran coach.

Alireza even tried for Homa Football Club, where he was not allowed any contract. Then he returned to his Naft team and soon he started to shine and rose to fame. In 2015 Alireza became the first choice goalkeeper of Iran team.


This Iranian player had stopped Cristiano’s goal in the 2018 world cup. Cristiano is one of the toughest football players and defending his goal is not a piece of cake. But he did an amazing defending of Cristiano’s penalty kick at the World Cup.

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His story of becoming a goalkeeper is very inspirational for many youngsters those who are suffering in their early life. His perseverance in achieving his dream is fantastic. Thus he proves to be the real hero pushing his life out of all his struggles with his story of street cleaning to goalkeeping.

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