Hand Dryer vs Paper Towel, Which secures you from bacteria after Hand washing.

The Mandatory thing to live long is to be hygienic, and the more healthy you are, the more you live in your life. Starting from hand wash to bathing everything makes us clean, Now take hand washing. An average person washes his hand for about 8 to 10 times a day. Did you thing washing our hand clean’s all the bacteria’s from your hand?.

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Washing your hands with a Sanitizer may make your hands wet so that the bacteria can easily be destroyed. Then what’s next after hand washing? Neither you use a paper towel or use hand dryer, But which makes your hands free from bacteria.

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Scientists tried an experiment about it and ready to give a conclusion. The test is, they called some volunteers and sprayed some Eco-friendly bacteria’s in their hands. Their hand was fully loaded with bacteria’s. Then they take some sample after they washed their hands, surprisingly none of the bacteria has cleaned from his hand.

Source: Slate.com

Washing your hand may clean the dirt but not bacteria. Then they suggested using either paper towel or Hand dryer. The next step they undergo a test again to find the bacteria amount in their hands after handling any of those two. They get an unbelievable result that the people who used the hand dryer have 77% of bacteria remains in their hand.

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But the volunteers who used paper towels only has 29% of bacteria remain in their hand, that was unbelievable for some of the volunteers. Most of all prefer Hand dryer as because it dries our hand faster and it is crazy to use.

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