Pushpa Preeya, a woman serving the Disabled as a scribe in the exams


Always writing and preparing for exam is a herculean task for students. Well what about the differently-abled students writing their exams?. They have their scribes who help them write it down. One such angelic scribe is Pushpa Preeya.

A 30 year old IT employee writing exams for the disabled students as a service. She had transcribed to 681 exams so far. Helping students with visual impairment, cerebral palsy and down syndrome. Unlike the other scribes she is totally doing it as a service. The reason behind her service is her past story of education.

Pushpa is entirely from a poor background family where she suffered for her primary education. But as for her good heart she was able to crack her nutshell and to shine as an IT employee. She started her first scribe experience through her NGO friend, writing for a visually challenged 10th class girl.

Pushpa challenges that being a scribe is not an easy task. It requires more patience, coordination and confidence. Because she might sometimes have to repeat the questions more than 40-50 times. She proudly says that she is the eye, hand and ear of the people. Also she is happy for those students who passed out with flying colours in their results.

Her family and her colleagues are very supportive her. Because she risks by working all time. She gets permission on exam times and works extra hours in her office. other than a scribe she is a blood donor and spends most of her time in old age homes. This life of her had taught many good lessons and experiences which was a benefit of her life.

Its a blessing for Pushpa’s life to be a scribe and also supporting them in various fields. sometimes she would know the answers but she never helped the students in such a way. she always wanted the students to build a confidence in them and not breaking them. Pushpa aims for reaching 1000 exams as her service. She is an example for all those who shout for some change instead of working for it.