Motivational story of Jayavel rising up from streets to states

A young man begged on Chennai streets but later proved to be a deserving gentleman to study in Cambridge University.


Jayavel, a farmer’s son from Nellore, moved to Chennai with his family after famine and failed crop season. The family faced a miserable situation for their living. Adding to the sorrow, his father also died, and his mother turned into an alcohol addict.

To survive his life, he started begging on the streets of Chennai. He struggled through his life sleeping in the pavements in spite of rains. Until a day dawned in his life, he was offered education from an NGO. Uma and Muthuram who ran the Suyam Charitable Trust stepped up to help Jayavel in his schooling.



Jayavel successfully passed his higher studies and also cleared Cambridge University’s entrance examination. He got seated in Glyndwr University, Wales, United States. He was admitted to study Automobile Engineering. All his life changed after the saviour couple entered his life.

The Suyam Charitable Trust was started in 1987 by Uma along with her husband, Muthuram Narayanswami. The couple run two schools Siragu Montessori School and Bharathamatha Nursery and Primary school. When they planned to make a documentary on the Chennai street kids, they spotted Jayavel.


He was too young to understand his situation and to adapt to school life. But later he realised how Uma and Muthuram struggled to educate him. As a result, he stunned everybody with his fantastic achievements.

He got more enthusiasm to move forward in his studies. He made the couples and the trust proud being an excellent example for many youngsters who think they can’t move further because of their inabilities. This incident may motivate many NGO’s to adopt persons like Jayavel.


He is planning to accomplish his dreams through his studies. He also wants to help improve the Suyam Charitable Trust after completing his studies.

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