Gunman Was Shot By Heroic Mum Of Brazil In Mother’s Day Celebration

What would you do if you see a gunman right in front of you?

The heroic act of one mum, who happens to be an off-duty armed policewoman, saved a group of children and families waiting outside a private school in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The Pictures Of Woman Shooting The Gunman

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Some believe the heroin in the clip is an American mom who loves the second amendment, but the Brazilian woman Sastre, is a veteran officer who saw the man approach a group of moms and their children with a gun during a Mother’s Day celebration at a school.

Brazilian Woman Is A Veteran Officer

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The Video Of Heroic Woman Attacking The Gunman

A military off-duty police officer Sastre, who had gone to a Mother’s Day celebration at the school where her daughter is studying in Suzano, shot a suspect in front of the unit.

According to the Military Police, the 21-year-old suspect was carrying a .38 caliber revolver. When he about to attack the children and parents,Sastre took her gun from bag shot the man nearly for 3 times in chest.

The suspect was later taken to the hospital but passed away from his injuries. Authorities called it a ‘regrettable’ outcome.

By this Incident many appreciated Sastre for her bravery through twitter.The governor of Sao Palo also felicitated Sastre for saving the lives of many.

“She just thought about defending the parents, the children, herself and her daughter.”

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