Do You Exactly Know: What Is Zilliqa Cryptocurrency?

Zilliqa Cryptocurrency is a new digital currency based on the project of Blockchain technology. The project hasn’t had time to dominate popular coins like Ripple, Ethereum, etc. Also, the community protecting the project is quite impressive. Furthur, the Cryptocurrency has better social media followers.

Zilliqa Cryptocurrency
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According, to the whitepaper of the project, Zilliqa Cryptocurrency works to scale in transaction rates. Also, the transaction rates are expecting to increase according to the miner’s increase in Zilliqa and would hope to process about a thousand times the transaction rates of Ethereum.

Apparently, Zilliqa introduces Sharding which divides the mining network into smaller shards. These fragmented shards are capable of processing transactions in parallel. Sharding solves the scalability issue which affects many blockchains.

Here is an update on Zilliqa Cryptocurrency:

Apparently, sharding avoids congestion in the network. The project also proposes an improved and innovative special-purpose smart contract language and execution environment. It is a welcome idea in the dawn of the revelations of several issues in Ethereum Smart contracts.

Zilliqa Cryptocurrency
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The best case of how Ethereum smart contracts in the parity problem that leftover $200 Million in Ethereum locked up indefinitely in the technology due to a user accidentally killing it.

The market analysis put the Zilliqa token at a value of $0.065, and the total supply of it is $12.6 billion. However, what do you think will it have a better future?

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