Bitcoin Nearing $8,000 Surges 17% Suddenly!

After an extended period, many experts proved that Bitcoin is not a bubble. Apparently, Bitcoin surges 17% suddenly to reach $8,000.

surges 17% suddenly
Source: coinmarketcap

The digital currency had been suffering from tax-related selling in the run-up to the US. Tax deadline in April.

Apparently, some experts have predicted that Thursday’s move could be an unwinding of that pressure.

How Surges 17% suddenly?

Furthur, few experts have predicted that bitcoin will have a periodic rise and fall which is dynamic. Now, it has risen 17%, and we can’t expect the same. Moreover, we believe that it will have some bullish rise for the coming days.

Here are some Twitter reactions:

So, what do you think will it have a bullish rise or bearish fall?

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