Visually Impaired Since Birth, But His Passion Towards Photography Portrays Another Story

Pretty sure the title of this story got you hooked for apparent reasons. What is photography if you don’t have the eyes to see what you are capturing? Enter into Pranav Lal’s world, who is here to prove it to you that photography is much more than just capturing what you see.

Pranav Lal, 32, is blind since birth, and he is an excellent photographer. Using technology, not to mention creativity, he has examined and broken stereotypes correlated with the visually impaired.

Source: Youtube

The child in him was always engaged with science and technology and so, working in a relevant field came naturally to him. With his determination and immense knowledge, he went on to become a professional cyber security analyst.

However, that wasn’t enough to push his creative and visual boundaries, and so he decided to take up photography. It didn’t come easily to him until 2001 when he discovered a technology that changed his life for good.  He found ‘vOICe’.

Source: Daily Mail

‘vOICe’ works as an artificial eye, and helps visually impaired people with navigation.

But it isn’t just for photographs that Lal uses vOICe. He uses it for everything from navigation to designing web pages. However the software cannot recognise facial features yet, so Pranav focuses on capturing landscapes, nature, buildings, and machines and we have to say, his photographs are gorgeous.

Here are a few masterpiece shots captured by Lal

Apart from photography, he also loves to travel and has journeyed extensively in India, including trekking to the Himalayas.

The world has recognised his talent, and he has been invited to speak at different events including a TED talk.

I do not care what camera it is, as long as it is on auto-focus, I will capture it

Constant support from his parents and new-age technology were precisely what Pranav needed to pursue his passion, and to prove to the world that if you are bent upon doing something, you will eventually find a way.

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