The “Roads of death” leads to the disappearing tribes of Bolivia

The South American country located in the western central. There are many barren interiors in Bolivia. Also, there are more than 4000 tribes living over in their forest areas. The roads leading to those tribal places are deathly because it had killed many riders on that way.


There are various kinds of tribes living in the Bolivian forest and many tribes had been extincted. There is one such tribe now in the verge of distinction. One of the indigenous people of Bolivia is the Pacahuara. Two hundred years ago, the Pacahuara tribe was one of the main indigenous groups in Bolivia.

The tribe is now dying out without even passing their knowledge to the new generation. Now there are only 4 people in this group. They married one another siblings in their family but although they did not have children. Also some other married other community men and women and they belonged to those community. Right now Pacahuara has no descendants.


The main occupation of this people is the agriculture and harvesting based trade. They must have lost their economy due to the poor transportation facilities in the village. Also there are no other amenities provided for them except the forest. This situation may lead to the extinction of all the ancient tribes.

Anthropologists say that the tribes appeared several thousand years before the christian era and the Aymara Indians. Once there were abundance of wildlife which made their tribes thrive through their life. But their trouble started to wake up when the lakes dried up. Now there are only few withstanding the consequences.


Only the Bolivian government should take steps to protect their indigenous people living in the forest. But as far now, even reaching them is very risky then in what way they are going to be saved. The people of Pacahuara lost their hope of nourishing their new generation as they believe they are nearing their end.

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