Thai cave rescue mission, Elon build’s KID SIZED SUBMARINE to help them.

Rescue is not a regular job, and it’s a job that gives a new life for the person who got rescued. Sometimes the rescuers lose their life while recovering others life. They won’t show any partiality while retrieving. They will take an equal risk to save a cat and a human. Let ‘s see how these saviors are saving Thai peoples from the cave.

source: ABC7 news

On 23rd June after finishing a local football match twelve footballers and their coach went into a cave. The age of the twelve footballers where under 15. They went into the cave just because it is a famous tourist spot on that area. The name of the cave was Tham Luang. They got legal permission to enter the cave that day.


The length of the cave is about 10km. It’s was a Monsoon season in Thailand. After they entered about 4km inside the cave, they caught stuck as there was heavy rain. They were not able to return in the same way as because the rainwater fills the whole place. They just settled in a Bench to prevent drowning.

source: losangelestimes

This news came out only after nine days. The total crew starved without food for nine days. Thai government sent about 500 rescuers, scuba divers into the cave but they returned with empty hands. Later about 1000 of experts, divers were from different countries to save them. Finally, they got in the eyes of two England divers.

source: the independent

But the cave was full of water, so they are in search for the plan to take them out. Many plans dropped due to many reasons. The food and oxygen supplied to them by divers.  A retired navy officer Samarn Kunan,38, was dead without proper oxygen supply during the rescue process. It takes about 11 hours to reach the crew and get back to the entrance.

caption: globalnews

Four of the boys rescued on Sunday. Many peoples are giving their supports by praying. A step forward to all, Elon musk the founder of Tesla groups and Boring company decided to help them. They made a Kid size Submarine out of the parts of Falcon rocket.

source: NDTV

The submarine will be lightweight so two scuba divers can carry it in under water. And small enough to enter into the short paths. The marine got tested in the pool, and once it was ok, it can be sent to Thai within 17 hours in flight.

Elon uploaded the testing video on his Twitter page.

Rescuers were risking their own life. They are doing what they can, think what we are doing?. Even if we can’t take part in the rescue mission, we can pray for them. Let’s ask the gods to safeguard not only the children but also the rescuers.

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