New York Lucky Charm Who Scored An Apartment For $28

We all know New York is a bit expensive. In New York City, scoring an apartment in the desirable West Village area is going to cost a pretty penny.┬áBut until March of this year, one woman was lucky enough to occupy a two-bedroom apartment in Greenwich Village — one of the city’s most desirable neighborhoods — for the astonishing rent of $28.43 a month.

O’Grady’s Bedroom Which Has Her Family Photos Hanged

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California native Patricia O’Grady moved to New York in 1955 to pursue her career as an actress.

O’Grady appeared in dozens of theatre productions, as well as TV soap operas, the movie “Taxi Driver,” and she took dance classes at the Joffrey Ballet School.

The fledgling star along with her two friends found a small two bedroom apartment on the top floor of a commercial use building in one of present-day Manhattan’s most sought-after zip codes.

Grady’s Kitchen With No Sink

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There was no furniture, no sink, no bath, and no hot water or heat. But they had two fireplaces and a stove. They also installed a sink and basic furnishings.

The years went by, and her roommates eventually moved out, but O’Grady stayed. She refused to move when the building owner asked if she could vacate.

When building’s owner, Adam Pomerantz, who runs his Murray’s Bagels at the street level decided to make some remodellings to the apartment, Grady refused for improvements as she could pay only low rent for her apartment.

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When he pleaded with her to let him install a hot water heater, but she refused. Instead “She would tell him, ‘I’m not worthy of these repairs and these improvements. I don’t pay enough in rent to warrant this; I’m perfectly fine keeping it as it is,”

Fireplaces Where O’Grady Used To Warm The Apartment.

She was a kind lady and lived her life all alone in her unfurnished apartment. Fellow actors remember using her living room as a rehearsal space, with a Siamese cat roaming around.

In March this year, the actress was crossing the street and was knocked down and killed by a car just a couple of feet away from her longterm abode.

After her death, the news spread about this actress life style and people were surprised to see her apartment which doesn’t even has essential amenities but how she survived is the great mystery for many. Though the apartment was not with well equiped construction Grady stayed there all her life with affordable rent.

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