Sneaking into the Fake Sneaker Capital of China

People love brands and they always prefer to live a branded life. Also brands stands for quality and tradition. There are so many brands and companies on many products which people buy without any hesitation. People are ready to spend lot of money on their lovable brands. This is the main key of a business man to concern the quality of his brand.


When you buy your favourite brand spending a lot of money and finally knowing that they are not original may shock you. One such place in China is producing fake sneakers that resemble like a branded sneaker perfectly. Every brand is perfectly copied and made like a fake masterpiece.

After the sun sets in Putian a city in China, thousands of bikes hits the street with lot of fake sneakers for export. It seems to be a black market but it is not a secret. People who are in the desperate need of the brands are in dire need of such products. Anyways this black market sale does not cheat people but actually it is a request of those customers.


Persons who don’t have a lot of money like high school students and youngsters are very eager to buy these products. These fake products are especially made for limited edition brands. Chan the owner of the fake sneaker market in Putian is using Reddit as his advertisement to reach people. He has no big problems against this illegal thing but he is afraid of the cheaters in his name.

He says the real product owners may face loss but also he notes that it is a win-win situation. The thing Chan fears so much is about his customers. He cares about the satisfaction and good reviews. Because a single negative review can give his business a loss of ten thousand dollars.


In spite of his fake brand production he is very careful in producing the perfect replica. That shows he also cares about his brand.

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