Shocking Video: Daredevil Surfer Jumps From Train and Nearly Missed Death

A stunt is an unusual and challenging physical feat or an act requiring a unique skill, performed for artistic purposes usually on television, theatre, or cinema. Tricks are a feature of many action films.
Daredevil Surfer leapt from the roof of a moving train into a river – and narrowly avoided crashing into a concrete strut.
Footage of the incident shows the unidentified man squatting for balance on the rear carriage of the moving commuter train as it speeds along the track.

Then, without warning, he catapults himself into the Swan River, in Feemantle, Western Australia.


He narrowly misses one of the bridge supports – and avoids injuring himself by a whisker.


The video, which now boasts 97,000 views, shows how dangerously close the man came to smashing into the block of cement.

Many positive and negative comments were starting to pour about the video.

Aside from the fact that he’s managed to survive the fall, he was standing just beneath 25,000 volt overhead wires.

Here is the shocking video of the Daredevil Surfer jumping from the train:

Those wires can arc, so you don’t need to reach out to touch one of those wires or even rub against one for it to electrocute someone.

From my point, Daredevil Surfers are illegal as it puts the lives of those involved at risk, and could cause trauma to those standing in the surroundings.



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