Probabaly Everyone In the Britain Heard Of Bitcoin

Today, Finding someone who is unknown to Bitcoin is quite the rarity these days. Also, 93 percent of people in Britain heard of Bitcoin and altcoins. Furthur, Up to 2 percent from January 2018 and up 13 percent from November 2017.

Britain heard of Bitcoin
Source: London Community

Furthur, These numbers have come from D-CYFOR, an opinion tracker which delivers insights into markets, brands, people, and society. Also, D-CYFOR not only measures whether the public has heard of Bitcoin but also its attitude towards the volatile digital asset.

Britain Heard of Bitcoin:

As published by London Loves Business media, 56 percent of respondents claimed that they wouldn’t invest in Bitcoin. Furthur, even if the government were to regulate the country’s cryptocurrency exchanges. On the other hand, 33 percent claimed they’d be more likely to invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Even though if the government were to lay down the law.

Britain heard of Bitcoin
Source: London Loves Business

Potential regulation aside, the general public is far from bullish on Bitcoin. Almost,  32 percent of respondents stated that they expect Bitcoin to decrease in value over the next six months, while another 29 percent are waiting for the cryptocurrency to fall to zero.

“Of those that have already invested in bitcoin, 50 percent say they plan to keep their investment for under a year. 22 percent say for more than five years, and 28 percent say they don’t know.”

Also, D-CYFOR’s results also illustrate a general distrust in the Bank of England. At least, in the idea of the institution launching its Sterling-backed digital currency. How long do you plan on holding Bitcoin? Do you think the general public’s sentiment will shift more positive in the future, or trend towards negativity?

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