13-YO Kerala Kid Saves A Life While Others Just Stood Still

Accident scenes happen to tragic, but whats more worse? The onlookers who just stand still.

Helping the injured in humanity basis is an essential thing, but some may not do it since it might lead to some legal conflicts. Some might just even record the incident on their phones, but only a few step into the action.

More often than not, it is the presence of mind and timely interference by these strangers that has saved the lives of innumerable road accident victims.

For Kaniyambal Chemmannur Roy, the saviour emerged in the form of a 13-YO school student, Kannan, who unlike many dumb spectators at the accident site near the Sakthan Thampuran bus-stand in Kunnamkulam, Kerala, hurried to the former’s rescue and went out of his way to get the man to the nearby taluk hospital.

Roy lost his balance and fell while giving way to a bus that was entering the main road from the bus terminus, and sustained head and leg injuries.


Unfortunately, no one came forward to help, and many intended to record the man’s extreme pain on their mobiles.

Kannan,13-YO student of Class 8 at the Holy Cross CBSE Senior Secondary School, was on his way to school when he saw Roy and quickly hurried to his help. He parked his motorcycle, picked Roy up and tried to seek help from vehicles passing by, and even ventured to halt an auto-rickshaw, but the driver drove away from the site.

Fighting against all the odds, Kannan managed to find a nurse in the surrounding and managed to get help from an auto-rickshaw and rushed Roy to the intensive care unit at the taluk hospital.

Due to Kannan’s interference, Roy could obtain timely medical attention and could recover soon. The young boy’s anxiety didn’t stop at getting help alone, and after the school got over, he even went to meet Roy at his house.

Kannan’s humanly act of saving a life was commended at a special assembly, and a PTA committee meeting was convened to appreciate him.

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