IPS officer shares her monthly salary with this Jammu family, who lost their primary soul


“Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person”. Helping is a way of expressing our feelings physically. It may be in any form that depends on that situation. Likewise Delhi DSP, Aslam Khan helped a family by giving half of her salary every month.

Sardar Maan Singh was driving his truck at late night going back to his home to attend his Nephew’s wedding after saving 80,000 by working hard. He was too excited because he is going to meet his mother, wife and three children after long months of being away.

Maan Singh’s family is in a hamlet of 150 houses in Flora which is 2 km away from Indo-Pak border. Later he realised that he lost his path by taking a wrong turn.

Baljeet Kaur, Jasmeet Kaur and Asmit Kaur, their mother, Darshan Kaur

Then he decided to get help from someone. So he descended from the truck and searching for the address. Where two robbers bullied him, but he refused to bend knees to their wishes. He was attacked brutally and helpless. He lost his life as he was heavily injured.

Without knowing this, his family was waiting for his presence for the whole night. Only on the next day, they came to know that Maan Singh had been murdered. The entire family lost their hope and left helpless. Suddenly they got a call from Delhi.

DCP ma’am IPS officer Aslam Khan spoke to them. She talked to all of them. She promised that she would transfer some amount every month from her salary. And to get some legal help.

The family was so emotional and refused her help, but she didn’t listen to it. She is sending the half of her salary every month. And she continuously she calls them and talks to them like one among their family.

The family still doesn’t know why this strange IPS officer is helping them. One of Maan Singh’s daughter said that the DCP mam calls her every day and ask mainly about her studies. And the girl also said that She wants to become an IPS officer and to work in Delhi.

Asia News International (ANI) an indian news channel tweeted about it.

Samar Halarnkr a writer from Hindustan times also tweeted about it.

The help we do may be small for us, but that can change the life of one who gets it. Help others achieve their dreams, and you will reach yours.