Jaiswal, a pani-puri seller, slept in a tent , Now set to play for India in U-19

“Dream is not what you see in sleep, is the thing which doesn’t let you sleep”. Everyone will have a dream in their life. It may be higher or lower that depends on the ability of that person. But mostly a goal of a poor boy doesn’t reach its destination. But Yashasvi Jaiswal breaks this rules.

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Jaiswal is younger of two sons to a small-time shopkeeper in Bhadohi in UP. From his childhood, his dream is to play for India. At 11 he wants to move to Mumbai to pursue cricket. His father did not oppose him as he knows Jaiswal passion towards cricket.

He supposed to stay in his uncle’s house in Mumbai, in Worli. But it wasn’t that much big to add a new one. His uncle requested the owners of Muslim United Club, where he is a manager.

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Three years, he lived in a tent in Muslim United Club at the Azad Maidan ground in Mumbai. He started playing daily. He plays for the whole day. As he feels tired, he goes to sleep at night.

One day the groundsmen throw his luggage out as because he is not helping them just sleeping. For three years that tent became his home. His father sends some money but its not enough for him. He had to sell pani-puri during the Ram Leela in Azad Maidan and help sell fruits.

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Even during that time, he has to sleep with an empty stomach as the groundsmen with whom he shared the tent fought with each other and didn’t cook food. He says that ” I always used to see boys at his age bringing food or their parents had big bags for them. But for him, he has to make his food and eat alone.

Days passed away he was balancing both work and cricket. Things turned around when a local coach Jwala Singh met him one day. Jaiswal surprised him with his talent, Jwala took him under his wing.

Jwala saw his early childhood in Jaiswal. He was grown up like Jaiswal in his teenage. Jaiswal now stays in a small chawl in Kadamwadi, and the place seems to be a palace for him.

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Jaiswal at 17, after crossing many struggles got selected in U-19. His coach Satish Samant says ” He has the ability to read a bowlers mind and adapt to a situation. Most under 19 players play too many high shots too early. He does not. He does not have a smartphone that’s rare among the teenage cricketers these days. So he can focus only on Cricket, he will be next big Mumbai player” says Samant

When asked about the pressure of Higher grade cricket, he says. “you were talking about mental pressure in cricket? I have faced it daily in his life for years. Scoring or taking wicket is not important, I know I will. for me, whether I get the next meal or not, that’s important,”

Some days he used to go with his teammates for lunch, without money. He tells them that “I don’t have money, but I am hungry.” when Raizwal teased by someone, he won’t get angry, as because they never slept in a tent, never sold pani-puri or never went to sleep on an empty stomach.”

The hardest feeling in the world is, “If u have talent with you, but you didn’t get a chance to express it or to prove it.” We have to accept the pain and face the struggles with a smiling face, let create pain for the pain

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