A Motivational spark made a TN girl invent fuel from sea water gives future solution


While people are suffering from price hike in fuel, Indian Government had no answers for the price hike in basic need or any alternate solution. But a young mind from Tamil Nadu came up with an idea which is surprising.

source: pudhiyathalaimurai

M Yogeshwari of Jaivabai Corporation Higher secondary school. Studying class 10th from Tirupur district had designed her idea. She processed her “Eco-friendly hydrogen fuel” project. The hydrogen generator acts as the fuel to the motorbikes. The process is nothing but the simple electrolysis process.

Yogeshwari explained that she got her spark when she asked a solution to her mother for the rise in fuel prices. She got more support from her mother and one of her teacher. Her school helped by providing Rs 10,000 from the school education project. Her book was the base of her whole plan. She cleverly organised the concept of electrolysis.

source: pudhiyathalaimurai

This electrolysis process produced hydrogen from salt water when direct current passed through it. The engine uses the hydrogen as its fuel. The engine starts after the ten minutes process of the electrolysis. But there is a little change done in the engine making it suitable for the procedure.

Yogeshwari was also awarded the state level third prize in Inspire award. Constituted by central government’s department of science and technology. Implementing her project to the public is her wish. And for that, she needs the support of Tamil Nadu state government.

source: pudhiyathalaimurai

Her mother brought up this girl. She is her primary motivation for this invention. Her mother also afforded Yogeshwari with a bike for testing. Even when she explained this idea to her school, they were also not hesitant to help her. All these motivations made her reach the media. It is likely to be the same to contact the government as soon as possible.


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