Innovative idea of an NGO in Chennai to create awareness on ROAD SAFETY


What if you meet superheroes? How will be your conversation? Here’s how superheroes of Hollywood met Chennai people on the roads to teach them to follow traffic rules. An NGO from Chennai tried their innovative way to create awareness among the citizens.

Thozhan, a Chennai based NGO innovatively planned their traffic awareness campaign. They used to create such awareness in many creative ideas. Once they even flash mobbed as Yama Dharman and Chitragupta. It was entertaining as well as educating. They are doing this service since 2013.

A few like-minded friends in 2007 founded Thozhan NGO. They have done many campaigns on various topics like road safety, organ donation, river linking etc., During the evening time, they pick any crowded signals or parks. Volunteers dress up like the specific characters and start their entertaining lectures.

They give the information about road accidents ensuring their safety and stressing on the importance of wearing helmets. This time they were the superheroes on the streets. It was a massively successful campaign as they could attract many people, especially children.

This traffic campaign is conducted every Thursday and on the last Sunday of every month. Every year they pick up a new and unique theme. Volunteers are the real heroes of this campaign as they wear many layers of the dress on the warm and humid climate of Chennai. Here they are dressed as Super Man, Spider-Man and Bat Man, which inspired and entertained mainly children.

M Radhakrishnan the co-founder of the NGO adds that nearly 119 children die in road accidents every day in India. He expects their campaign would reduce such cases. Their tries have had good response and support from the Chennai people. In the past five years, they heard no accident cases from their circle. The team expects the same result from all over the city.