#GoBackAmitShah, Tamil people’s hashtag is top on Twitter

A few hours before BJP president and politician Amit Shah arrived in Chennai for 2019 Lok Shaba Election preparation meeting. As soon as the information spreads #GoBackAmitShah, a hashtag starts trending on the twitter.

Today morning over 9:30 a.m there are 13k Tweets and retweets on Twitter. Here are some Tweets

1. Land of equality

2. Appreciation

3. Not us

4. Restriction

4. Power

5. Hilarious


6. Caption it 


Even India Today tweeted about it.

Before some months, In April it happens for Modi, A hashtag #GoBackModi trends on twitter. On that time Cauvery issue was going on Tamilnadu, so peoples oppose Modi’s visit. Tamilnadu is a land of different religions, peoples, castes but stands equal if they need to restrict something or if they need something.


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