A Heroic Tweet saved the life of 25 young girls from Human Trafficking

Vibrantly using social media is always admirable. People use all these media for specific reasons. Certainly there are still negative and positive views on using it. Above all, it is astounding when we come to know about the news that one such media had saved some lives.

TWITTER is a social networking service interacting with people with its tweets from its users. Most of the trending news comes from Twitter. One among the viral news is the recent tweet of a person. While travelling in a train he tweeted about his co-passengers in his compartment.

Adharsh Srivatsava, a normal person, was on his journey in Muzaffar-Bandra express. He felt that there was something wrong in his compartment. There were 25 young girls in his compartment crying and feeling scared of something. The girls were aged only between 10-14 years. Adharsh moved silently with a plan to save those children.

He tweeted about his situation, location by tagging the officials on Twitter.

His tagging includes even the Prime Minister of India. There was a quick rescue reaction. The tweet alerted the Government Railway Police and Railway protection force. They rescued the girls at Gorakhpur found with two men aged 22 and 55 years. The girls’ families were informed about them.

Many peoples on Twitter appreciated Adharsh for his presence of mind. He created a new account to spread the message for his safety reasons. One of his followers requested not to show his identity


Adharsh proved to be a real genius by his careful move in saving the children. His action proved the power of social media and the positivity in it.

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