Meet India’s First CELTMAN Who Biked Through Bad Weather And Swam in Freezing Waters

CELTMAN Triathlons are a landmark event. A combination of running, swimming and cycling, the rough event takes a lot from the athletes who participate. Completing a game like that lends a tremendous amount of entertainment.

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Well, beyond the realms of Ironman Triathlons, there are extreme triathlons. Epic versions of Triathlons are entirely different from the regular ones. Here, athletes have to go through extreme conditions, and that is precisely what Delhi-based Siddhant Chauhan did.

Recently CELTMAN Triathlon had taken place in Scotland. This event has a 3.4km swim through freezing and jellyfish infested water, a 202km bike ride through the cold cliffs of Scotland, and a 42km walk over the Beinn Eighe mountain range.

It was the first time in history where an Indian has set foot on the prestigious race, and he has set a high benchmark for aspiring athletes.

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The weather conditions are fierce, in which each sector has different difficulties in which the participants have to overcome.

Siddhant had to cope up with the swimming sector, in which he had to cover up 3.4 km in gut freezing temperature and had to deal with poisonous jellyfishes at the same time. After all, 11 degrees Celsius is not exactly comfortable to swim in.

The second part of the race is the 200 km bike route, that takes contestants along some scenic and historic single lane roads, and wide open highland roads. The brutal course includes around 2,000 metres of climbing, a feat made more robust in the unpredictable weather.

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The CELTMAN! run, is the third section of this torturous event, and it is unique for its challenging nature. The race takes place on the rocky Beinn Eighe race, over two peaks, each over 914.4 m high. The run is also subject to random weather conditions. During the racecourse, which runs the length of 42 km, the weather might be sunny in one section, and disastrous in another.

It must be noted that athletes of the CELTMAN! Are chosen via a ballot. While random selection does come into play, the choice of participants also takes into account their physical valor in past events. You cannot show up at an event and jump right in.

The road to glory might be steep and brutal, but the athletes are always ready to grab a challenge will definitely make the most out of it.

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