Kerala Coolie Ace UPSC by Using Railway Station’s Free Wifi



At a time when most people use the WiFi service to download movies, songs, or chat with others, Sreenath has put it to good use and the protagonist of this story. He has been working as a coolie at the Ernakulum junction in Kerala for the past five years.


While he ferries luggage from one platform to another, his earphone plugged in all the while listening to course material and solving problems from previous year papers for the Kerala Public Service Commission Examination.

Most candidates shut themselves from the world, apply for leaves from their day jobs, and spend hours in libraries pouring over books.

But Sreenath continued doing his job and made time to study through it as well.

Kerala Coolie’s Secret of Success:

Sreenath says that he has appeared three consecutive attempts and this is the first time he has used the WiFi at the station. he put on his earphones and listen to the study material as he carries the luggage or solves questionnaires in my mind. This way he studies while he works. Whenever he gets free time, he revises all the question he has heard.

According to the survey, nearly 8,500 rural and urban stations will provide with WiFi by March 2019

He will keep studying and work as a coolie because he has the pressure of running his house, he will continue studying and appearing for exams. If he appears for enough exams, he is bound to get a good job.

Here are some Twitter reactions:

A Twitterati wants to listen to a Hindi song after hearing this news.


The station’s free WiFi service presents him with an opportunity that he never recognised and downloads reams of practice question papers and access online examination forms, at a convenient speed of 20-40 MBPS.

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