Jaipur teen’s invention connects farmers to their farms via the device PLUTO.

“Necessity.. the mother of invention”. An invention should help the people to reduce their work stress. The size of the invention doesn’t matter the impact that creates matters here. Likewise, Ishan Malhotra invented Pluto for the farmers.

Ishan Malhotra is like any other High school students at first sight, he is passionate about science and innovations. Even from the school times, he tried building devices like remote-controlled drones, papier mache guns.

Ishan a twelfth student from Jayshree Pluto, this helps farmers connect their water pumps to their phones. Even with basic phones and landlines. It shows his love for innovation and science technology.

source: the financial express.com

This idea came to his mind when he visited his grandmother’s house in Sirsa. There he met local farmers. There they told Ishan about, the problems they facing every day. The main among that is water management.

They need to wake up early at 5:00 a.m. and have to walk for a long distance to other fields to turn on the pump. So Ishan felt to help them in any way.

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Then he decided to find a device for that, but it has technological and logistical issues. Initially, Ishan built a dummy model and tested it in his grandmother’s house. But to check this in other farms, it should be perfect without any glitches.

At first, the farmers refused to adapt to it. To overcome this, he first installed Pluto in the village head house. Once people saw it, They too believed in the product. He got help from the local electricians and youth to distribute the device.

At different places, he faced different problems while distributing the device because Some villages they didn’t have a proper, and some hesitate to adopt new technologies.

Despite the challenges, Ishan got a great reply from the farmers who used it. Some tell their relatives about this and spread it. Now Pluto helps the farmers to operate the pump from the comfort of their homes.

The Pluto works on the core of IOT (internet of things), it has three led’s which shows the current status of electricity, network and motor state. It needs an activated sim through which the system starts its work. A call can operate it, make a call to the sim connected to Pluto and dial 1111 to switch the motor on and 2222 to turn it off.

Source: The better india.com

Dr Harsha Vardhan, the current Union Minister for Science and Technology, thanked him and recommended his device to the agriculture ministry. Ishan’s dream is to make this device available to all farmers in India. Initially, Ishan managed to distribute 80 Pluto devices to farmers in Rajasthan at a subsided price of Rs 750.

Ishan invention saved farmers energy and time. It’s hard to walk in the farm for a far distance, where the temperature will be about 40 to 50 degree to switch on a pump but now that can be done in a phone call with Pluto connected to it.


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