Bitcoin Theft: Coinsecure’s Bitcoins Worth $3 million Stolen

There are lots of cryptocurrencies thefts are happening in the world, but it is India’s colossal money laundering so far. The firm Coinsecure has 200k customers nationwide found about the Bitcoin theft of 438 coins while inspecting the wallets.

Bitcoin theft
Source: bcfocus

How did the Bitcoin theft happen?

Apparently, the private keys which are necessarily a password the Coinsecure save offline were reportedly leaks and have been online for several hours, resulting in the hack. Since all the data logs of the compromised wallets have deleted and trails removed by the hackers. Coinsecure couldn’t trace the stealers.

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Coinsecure informs its users about the Bitcoin theft through a message on its website. Furthur, the local cops seizes Coinsecure’s servers to check for malware attack and assess the extent of the system breach. The police have called the senior officials for further interrogation and inspecting if other customer wallets are secure.

Coinsecure’s CEO, Mohit Kalra has assured to compensate his customers from his asset in case if the bitcoins couldn’t be recover.

Furthur, Coinsecure has filed a complaint accusing its chief security officer Amitabh of stealing the money from the company’s wallet. Also, they urged the government to block his passport since he can fly away from the country.

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