Howard Schultz: Life from Stewards to Billionaire


The man who, “Globalized coffee” started his part-time stewards in a cafe at the age of 12. Howard Schultz was good at American football and got a scholarship in Michigan University to become the first graduate in his family. At the age of 26, he became the vice president of sales in a Swedish company.

One day Howard Schultz saw two owners selling whole coffee beans, tea powders, spices, and coffee vending machines. Schultz fell in love towards their passion and requested them to join him as a partner. A few days later, they agreed and appointed him as a Director of marketing. On a business trip to Milan and Schultz went to a cafe where people sat outside and enjoyed their coffee. He loved it explained his partners about the culture to start a similar shop in the US, but they are not ok with that idea.

Howard Schultz decided to start an own coffee shop but he needed $1.6mn. He explained his vision to many bankers but they all ignored and laughed at him. He was discouraged and left alone but he didn’t give up on his vision. With his own investments, Schultz started his first Coffee shop “Il Giornale.”  Since he was new made many mistakes.

Howard Schultz made half a million annual income and planned to improve his business to the next level. The partners who ignored his idea were at loss posted their company for sale. Schultz bought their six stores for 3.8million and combined his Six stores and became the CEO of “STARBUCKS.”

Video documentary of Howard Schultz:

Howard Schultz ultimate goal was to provide a relation between man and coffee, and his vision came true.