Song by a Daily wager from Kerala, appreciated by a hit Singer

“Your Talent is God’s gift to u, what you do with it is your gift back to god”. Everyone needs some rest during their routine day to day work. At that break, we sat somewhere and relaxed by talking. That day, however, Rakesh Unni sang.

“Unnai kaanadhu naan indru naan illayae”. It’s a famous song from Vishwaroopam starring Kamal Haasan. Sung by this unknown Kerala man, unknown until Friday then this video has gone viral. This man is singing casually with a dirty shirt and red cloth wrapped on his head.


Rakesh Unni is a daily wager, working in a rubber extracting garden in Nooranad Alappuzha. He cuts rubber, carries it in his shoulders load it in a truck. That’s is his routine work. He is unknown until his co-worker Shameer, the truck driver recorded it and uploaded it on his Facebook page. That reached far and wide.

It drowned all over the social media’s. Sankar Mahadevan, a great Indian singer who sang the original version of that song. Saw this on facebook and shared it by asking who the man is?.

He amazed with Rakesh talent, and he searched for him in social media to contact him. Somehow he got his contact later. Biggboss fame Suja also got his number and shared via her tweet.

Rakesh got more calls after the video got explored. Singer pandalam Balan, Violinist musician Balabaskaran and music composer Gopi Sundar also greeted him. Not only, but Shankar, many stars and singers and news channels also tweeted about his talent. The music composer of that song Ghibran also tweeted about it.

Kamal Hassan also met him yesterday and appreciated about his talent His phone has not stopped ringing until he hurried up his voice. After those phone calls, Rakesh said that it was the biggest blessing for him. Everyone said that he has a good future in singing.

Until last month he had not learnt any music, and now he is learning classical music. The luck strikes Rakesh as he has tremendous talent. Everyone will have a unique talent it will be known to the world if you explore it or someone noticed it.

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