Do You Know: Now You Can Buy 2018 FIFA Tickets Using Bitcoin

Recently, the Russian crypto-media have asked a meaningful question – why can’t we buy FIFA  tickets using Bitcoin. Traditionally, Credit card payments and bank transfers are only acceptable. But is there any option for every fan who wants to go to the stadium? And, is it impossible to get a ticket with your bitcoin?

FIFA tickets using Bitcoin

Buy FIFA tickets using Bitcoin

Almost, 1.7 million tickets sold so far, the Organizing Committee announces a couple of weeks ago, after completing the second stage of the ticket sale. Furthur, the tickets will be available again on April 18, when the last phase of the online transaction is planning to start. From May 1, the remaining tickets will also be available at designated FIFA Venue Ticketing Centers.

Apparently, a growing number of people around the world now prefer using cryptocurrencies for payments and cross-border money transfers. Also, in countries with high inflation rates or under international sanctions, using digital currency has become business as usual. And, For other nations, dealing with strict government control over bank transactions, international transfers is a significant threat.

FIFA tickets using Bitcoin
Source: GTP Headlines

Generally speaking, when Bitcrypto asked the committee- why not pay with crypto? They never got an answer from the organisers. There is an answer, though, and, here it is. Your coins will get accepted in the Russian Federation, one way or another.

Firmly, If you are looking for a place to stay, a hotel chain in Kaliningrad takes bitcoin. Malina Apartments in the western Russian exclave will be happy to accept your cryptos. Need some Russian cash? No problem – a crypto change is now open in Moscow.

Furthur, Want to get FIFA tickets using bitcoin? Well, there is a solution, although FIFA doesn’t know about it yet. At least two companies are now offering services through cards issued by the leading international payment providers. Both can be used in Russia and on FIFA’s website, actually pretty much anywhere else, too.

So, if you want to enjoy football and bitcoin at the same time, there you have it!

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