Video: BBC Reporter Falls Into A Pool And See What Happens Next!

We have seen many funny videos of reporters while interviewing public or people. In yet another news-anchoring blooper that will surely make your day. BBC Reporter, Mike Bushell interviewing with the Commonwealth Games’ swimmers. At the live interview, Bushell missed a step and fell, splashing into the pool as well as Internet history.

It did not take much time for the video to generate a whir on social media, leaving people sensibly amused thereafter.

Twitterati was also impressed with the way Bushell continued the interview after the fall. He handled it “Like A Pro”.

BBC Reporter

From trolling the presenter to giving him a medal for the splash he made, there were many reactions to the shared clip.

Here is the video of the BBC Reporter interviewing the winners:

At the time of writing, the tweet had received over 900 re-tweets and 3,000 likes.

Here are some of the reactions that followed the incident:

In fact, falling into the poll, he did not stop the interview and continued the way he was talking and the way Mike handled it, an applause to the PRO Reporter.


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