why do Chinese people eat and prefer Dog Meats

Foreign people are always curious about the food habits of Chinese. Chinese foods mostly have the menus of seafood. Other than that they also have a list of entirely different food items. Sometimes those food items sound disgusting to those who are not Chinese. People in China adapt to the Asian culture food; also they follow tradition in their eating habits.

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One such traditional but insane food item is dog meat. For other countries, dogs are as pet animals. Also, dogs are said to be the best human-friendly animal than any other animals. Slaughtering them can bring out displeasure to the dog lovers. But the Chinese can question about the different animals eaten in the name of meat. So there is no point in arguing with the reason “loving dogs”.

Eating dog is a traditional thing in China. They even held a dog meat festival. Not only China but other countries like Vietnam, Nigeria, South Korea and some other countries eat dog meat. In 2014 an estimated amount of nearly 25 million dogs was consumed each year by humans worldwide. There are certain breeds of the dog for the meat.

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Countries in Europe consider eating dog meat as Taboo. But now at the modern times, some communities accept eating it. Because people nowadays like to try different things in their life and dog meat might have impressed them. But no dog lovers would want that; it will be heartbreak for them to see the dog meats on the roadsides and cuisines.

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But to the early world, humans conquered every creature. Humans are the powerful living being on the earth, so they overcome whatever they want. One such want of individual humans are dog meat, and no other human can question it.

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