15 Hilarious Tweets Of New Gen Parents That Has Set Twiteratti On Fire

Playful tweets you ever come across!!

Sometimes you’re feeling very much alone when it comes to the part of parenting fear, because Twitter has become a place where parents all over the world shared their parenting experience, funny moments and below are the funniest posted so far in 2017.

Always some sort of parents will appreciate their child whatever they did wrong,and they will support for their babies till the last hope and some parents usually not believe their child in any situation,they will be the front liner to prove that their child is going in wrong way,so they try to bring back their child as a good one.

Here we are to discuss about some sarcastic comments from the parents as well as the hilarious post which will make you think twice whether you did this things in your childhood days.Additionally it will recall the memories of our childhood days which is the golden period for everyone.

Whenever we are doing irritating things and getting a slap from our parents is just a seperate feel which can’t be replaced.Here we are listed some post from the parents with their different experience which make us to leave with the smile in our face.

1.How good the school works???

2.Something serious about Trump

3.Did you like your third favorite more??

4.Answering is so easy i think

5.Well done my boy

6.Father plays a major role

7.Better way to sleep

8.Alcohol usage is more

9.Only govt wins

10.What a stunning reply

11.Shitty stuff

12.Is the way our blood got pumped??

13.Disneyland doesn’t have age restrictions

14.True colors of life

15.Better way to call a vehicle

These tweets shows different comments of parents and their experience,which blows up the internet with fire.









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