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Innovative idea of an NGO in Chennai to create awareness on ROAD SAFETY

What if you meet superheroes? How will be your conversation? Here's how superheroes of Hollywood met Chennai people on the roads to teach them to follow traffic rules. An NGO from Chennai tried their...

A Heroic Tweet saved the life of 25 young girls from Human Trafficking

Vibrantly using social media is always admirable. People use all these media for specific reasons. Certainly there are still negative and positive views on using it. Above all, it is astounding when we come...

An Young Engineer from UP inspired the government in cleaning the lakes

The quantity of fresh water in our earth has been rapidly decreasing. People do not value the need of river water. This carelessness devastated Indian river waters. Many think that it is the duty...

Pushpa Preeya, a woman serving the Disabled as a scribe in the exams

Always writing and preparing for exam is a herculean task for students. Well what about the differently-abled students writing their exams?. They have their scribes who help them write it down. One such angelic...