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The Man’s Battle Against Sex Trafficking Has Rescued Many Lives

According to a report supported by the Department of women and child development, there are 3 million prostitutes in India, of which 40% are minors, which translates to a conservative estimate of approximately 12...

Roads From Shredded Plastic Is A Solution To Tackle Waste And Extreme Weather

India is confronted with a huge waste problem. Plastic is one among them as it pollutes waterways, landscapes. Plastic bags are, thus, being extensively used for road surfacing as plastic and tar bond well...

‘EPIC’-Incredible Discovery Of New Planet By PRL Scientists

In an epic Indian discovery, a team from the Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, has first seen a planet six times larger than the Earth and rotating around a star similar to the Sun at...

Song by a Daily wager from Kerala, appreciated by a hit Singer

"Your Talent is God's gift to u, what you do with it is your gift back to god". Everyone needs some rest during their routine day to day work. At that break, we sat...